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Drudgery Reduction Tools

1 - Cotton picking apron

Characteristics :
1) White cotton apron prevent damage due to sunlight.
2) Full sleeves of cotton apron protect from scratches on arms.
3) It is very easy to store cotton in bag which is attached to the front side of apron and also it reduces movement of hands.

img Specification:
Length : 72cm
Sleeves length : 54cm
Neck : 20cm
Material used : cotton cloth.

Used :
Wear the cotton apron at the time of cotton picking and also use white scarf to cover the head.

Out put :
Average working heart rates & energy expenditure for cotton picking were reduced by 5.2% & 14% respectively improved over traditional method and average output was increased by 19% as compare to traditional method of cotton picking

2 - Peg tooth Weeder


Characteristic :
1) Manual (single person) operated
2) Capacity 0.15 to 0.20 ha /day intercultural operation completed
3) Row to row spacing 22.5cm. to 45 cm.

Blade width: 15 cm.
Depth of operation: 2.5 to 3.5 cm.

Use of Peg tooth weeder for intercultural operation of Soybean, Bengal gram etc

Out put:
Average heart rates & energy expenditure for weeding and intercultural operation were reduced by 5.3% & 10.4% respectively improved over traditional method.

3 - Cotton Stalk Puller

1) Jaws with groove
2) Time saving
3) Drudgery in pulling cotton stalk is decreased.

img Specification:

1Make : M.A.U. Parbhani
2 Material used : M.S.flat and M.S. Pipe
3 Type : Manually Operated
4 Power source : One labour
5 Total weight : 5.25 kg
6 Length of jaw : 6.8 cm
7 Height of handle 110 cm
8 Circumference of handle : 10 cm
9 Maximum opening of jaw : 4.5 cm
10 Length of footrest : 17 cm
11 Price : 650/- ( may change)
12 Suitable for: Cotton stalks pulling in standing posture with no slippage of the stalk due to the perfect grip of the jaw.
Out put:
Average working heart rates & energy expenditure for cotton stalk pulling operations was reduced by 14% & 31% respectively and area coverage was increased by 33% improved over traditional method.

4 - Lakshmi Serrated Sickle :

These are serrated blade sickles available in different sizes and curvatures. In some designs tang is bent and fixed to the handle. Basically all the sickles consist of blade, handle and a tang for joining blade with handle. The blade is made from medium carbon steel or low alloy steel, hardened and tempered to suitable hardness after serrations. The serrations are created in punch-die by squeezing operation. The back of serrated edge is ground to bevel profile. The cutting edge is sharpened by grinding the bevel profile and exposes new teeth.

img Specifications:
Length (mm) 350
Width (mm) 100, 150
Weight (kg) 0.220
Field capacity (ha/h) 0.011

It is suitable for harvesting Jawar, Bajara, Maize, Wheat, and cutting of Grasses.

Out Put
Average working heart rates & energy expenditure for harvesting of Jowar were reduced by 7.2% & 14.6% respectively serrated sickles over local sickles.